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Philip J. Bonamo has extensive experience defending the rights of people accused of criminal offenses

He represents our central Florida clients in criminal proceedings in both state and federal courts. He has a detailed understanding of the courtroom, court procedures, trial practice, as well as the intricacies of pretrial discovery and motions, gained from years of experience handling criminal cases before judges and juries throughout the state of Florida, in both state and federal court. Mr. Bonamo has a commitment to providing superior legal representation at all times. He will work aggressively to formulate the best defense for your case and to gain the most favorable outcome.


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Philip J. Bonamo
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Taking the first step toward legal guidance during your criminal case can be frightening and can feel overwhelming. Daytona’s criminal defense board certified attorney, Phil Bonamo, is sharing practical information on what to expect out of your initial free consultation. Read More
In a ruling in late September 2017, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that if a person does not have a driver’s license, for if he/she never obtained one, and that person is pulled over for a traffic stop infraction, such as speeding, that person can only also be cited for committing a second degree misdemeanor for driving without a valid driver’s license, no matter how many times that person drives and is caught. Read More
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