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Traffic Stops and Drug Sweeps by Philip J. Bonamo, Partner Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney

police giving man a traffic ticket

The Florida Supreme Court, in a 5-1 Opinion, ruled this month that law enforcement can
order a driver out of their vehicle they have pulled over for a routine traffic stop, for officer
safety before conducting a vehicle sweep. The Court stated, ‘[w]e hold that binding Fourth
Amendment precedent permits a K-9 officer arriving mid-way through a lawful traffic stop to
command the driver to exit the vehicle for officer safety before conducting a lawful vehicle
The case stemmed from a 2018 incident in which Tampa Police officers pulled over a
person, after he maneuvered through a gas station to avoid a red light. Two officers approached
the vehicle, including one in plain clothes, who asked the man to search the vehicle, to which he
refused. The officer called for a K-9 unit to do a ‘sweep’ of the vehicle. The uniformed officer
was still in the process of completing the citation for the man when the K-9 unit arrived. The
driver refused requests to search the vehicle and an order to exit the vehicle while the K-9 unit
conducted the sweep. The officers then arrested him for obstruction and resisting without
violence, and then found drugs in the car.
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