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Author: Philip J. Bonamo, Esq. - Florida Board Certified Criminal Trial Law Attorney

Partner Philip Bonamo attended the Florida Bar's Board of Governors out of state meeting in Austin, Texas on September 6th through September 8th, 2023. Mr. Bonamo is the Board of Governors representative for the attorneys of the 7th Judicial Circuit of Florida, which comprises of St. John's, Putnam, Flagler and Volusia County. Mr. Bonamo is the current Chair of the Board's Rules Committee, as well as a member of the Communications Committee, Disciplinary Review Committee and the Disciplinary Procedures Committee. Pictured with Mr. Bonamo is Josh Doyle, Executive Director of the Florida Bar.
Partner Philip Bonamo attended the Florida Bar’s Annual Convention held June 21-23, 2023 in Boca Raton, Florida.
Both the Florida House and the Florida Senate this week passed in their respective chambers their versions of ‘Greyson’s Law’. This was approved with widespread support by the Florida Legislature in both the House and the Senate.
Over the many years that I have been a criminal defense attorney, I have heard from many, many individuals during the initial consults, “they didn’t read me my Miranda.” I then ask the person if they made any statements to law enforcement after being arrested about the situation or the crime they have been arrested for, and most times they say no, but they feel that in some fashion not being read their “Miranda Warnings” has an effect on the validity of the arrest.
We are in the midst of the 2023 legislative session, and both the Florida House and the Florida Senate are working on a variety of new proposed legislation in Tallahassee. One such proposed law change would give fathers, whose child or children are born out of wedlock, one step closer to gaining equal parental rights.
The Florida Legislature is in full swing for the 2023 Legislative Session in Tallahassee, Florida,  and the Florida Senate Criminal Justice Committee is already active with 39 bills pending action before the committee.  Some of the key bills to keep an eye on this session are the following:
Taxes issues and consequences are a continuous fact of life. It is important, to look at tax effects and tax consequences when you are going through a divorce. The following is an outline of some of the important things to consider as part of your divorce case.
I consult on a regular and consistent basis with parents that want to try and go back to modify or change their parenting plan that usually involve aspects of requests to modify parental responsibility and timesharing of their minor child(ren).  What I am listening to and trying to determine is if the set of facts and circumstances that I am told about in these consults rise to the legal level for a modification.
This year saw a sweeping movement in the Florida Legislature of proposed bills that would have had a large impact on the criminal justice system in Florida. While many of these bills did not become law in Florida, there were several that did, and that went into effect a few months ago- July 1, 2022. This article focuses on 2 of the new Florida criminal laws.
If you’ve been charged with more than one crime, you may be experiencing criminal charge stacking. Continue reading to better understand what criminal charge stacking is and how it could affect you.