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Safe Location For Minor Child Exchanges

One topic that comes up quite often in developing a Parenting Plan in family law cases is where to do the ‘pick-up/drop-off of the child(ren). When the children are of school age, most parents will agree, or the Court will order, that pick-ups and drop-offs take place at the child’s school, so as to minimize disruption for both the parents and the child’s schedule/routine. For cases where the child is not of school age, yet, or even if they are, when the children are not in school due to illness, or holiday and summer break periods, many parents will agree to either meet at an agreed upon half-way point or at their respective residences for exchanges. However, there are also many cases where one parent is not comfortable to do this for a variety of reasons, including prior acts of domestic violence.

Currently, the Florida Legislature, along with the assistance of the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar, is crafting legislation to authorize safe custody exchanges in each of the 67 counties in Florida. If the bill becomes law during the upcoming legislative session, which convenes January 9, 2024, local sheriffs would be required to designate a portion of their parking lot for child time-sharing exchanges. The area would be accessible 24 hours a day, every day, and would be lighted and video monitored. The family law courts would decide when, where, and how it’s appropriate to use these locations in the best interest of the child(ren) and for the safety of both parent and child. Stay tuned.

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