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Florida Legislature Passes ‘Greyson’s Law’

Both the Florida House and the Florida Senate this week passed in their respective chambers their versions of ‘Greyson’s Law’. This was approved with widespread support by the Florida Legislature in both the House and the Senate. The bill is now on its way to the Governor’s office for his review and approval. The bill would enable family courts in the state of Florida to consider threats against former partners or spouses when establishing child timesharing and parental responsibility matters as part of either a temporary or permanent parenting plan. The bill is titled ‘Greyson’s Law’ in honor of Greyson Kessler, a 4-year old boy who was tragically killed by his Father in 2021. After the death of Greyson, his Mother led the march for change in the state of Florida and its laws. ‘Greyson’s Law’, once approved by Florida’s Governor, will provide several additional statutory factors for the courts to now determine and weigh when determining time-sharing, including evidence, or reasonable belief by a parent, they either they or their child is in imminent danger of domestic violence, sexual violence, neglect, abuse, or abandonment. While the Florida statute already had certain considerations in these areas, the statute will be more detailed and give the trial courts more avenues to consider on these important matters when structuring a safety-focused parenting plan.