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What to Expect Out of Your Free Daytona Criminal Law Consultation

Taking the first step toward legal guidance during your criminal case can be frightening and can feel overwhelming. Daytona’s criminal defense board certified attorney, Phil Bonamo, is sharing practical information on what to expect out of your initial free consultation.

It may be over the phone

Not all initial consultations are done in person. They may be over the phone. You will discuss the facts of your case, the law that applies, and what will get you out of your current position.

You will receive advice on your rights 

Based on the facts of your case, you will be given helpful advice on your rights. The steps to accomplish legal objectives will be laid out and discussed. You will also discover what additional information needs to be prepared.

You will talk with the actual lawyer

Sometimes paralegals conduct an initial consultation at other law firms, but not in this case. You can expect to talk with the attorney himself. He will get to know you, your case, and the facts involved.

You will get answers to pressing legal questions

Be prepared to share your pressing legal questions that are on your mind.

The truth

During the consultation, you are going to be listening and thinking. Judgments by the attorney are based on legal training and experience. Sometimes the best legal advice may not be what you want to hear-but remember, the goal is to obtain the best outcome for your case.

Get a team that will defend your rights. If you think you’re ready to move forward schedule your free consultation now.