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Should I Take A Polygraph Test?

The answer to the question above is simply no. Law enforcement and police agencies many times will request individuals that are the subject of a criminal investigation or that have been arrested to take a polygraph, lie detector, or sometimes what is referred to as a stress analysis test. They suggest to the person that if they have nothing to hide then the “truth will set them free”. However, it is important for you to know a few things if you are in this situation:

1. These tests have been determined time and time again to be what is referred to as “scientifically unreliable”, and that is why there are not admitted as evidence in hearings or trials in our state, as well as most other state courts and in Federal court.
2. Your denial to take such a test cannot be used against you.
3. If you do wish to have such testing performed, for you think it may help to exonerate you in the eyes of the prosecutor, my advice is to always seek out one of the highly trained professionals for this type of testing, and have a confidential polygraph test performed. You and your defense attorney can then review the results and decide whether to reveal the findings/results to the prosecutor.
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