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My spouse says her lawyer told her ….. communication with your spouse before, during and after the divorce

More often than not  divorce will put you at odds with a person who knows you well enough to push your buttons.  Your spouse knows exactly what upsets you-whether it is forgetting the children’s schedule or overspending  or ruining your favorite holiday. The anxiety and strain  attendant with the process  can make communicating more challenging.  

How much should you communicate with the soon-to-be-ex during the process?  The answer varies, couple to couple, but in general, as much as you can without escalating animosity. Sometimes it is wise to let the other party you have seen a lawyer and  are going to file. It is always best to communicate about the children in a respectful manner by text or email. You may be comfortable sorting out some of the personal property… that is fine. If it is a hot button, avoid it. Animosity will cost you more in attorneys fees  is guaranteed to  take its emotional toll.   Basic courtesy and  good manners  should rule the day and a business-like approach to finances and to children’s issues is never more important than during the divorce. 
That said, leave discussions about what the law is to conversations with your own attorney. It is common for us to hear… My spouse says his lawyer says this… or that… Family law is complex and many issues are open to interpretation. That is precisely why you need advice from a lawyer who is experienced and can provide you with answers.  
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