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We've been helping divorce and family law clients for over 34 years.

Our family law attorneys have the experience to effectively represent your legal needs in this area. Senior partner, Paul E. Rice, Jr., is a board certified expert in divorce and family law. Click on any of the links below to learn detailed information about your case and how Florida law affects you and your family.

The Family Law Practice Group has provided representation to thousands of individuals in the central Florida area in a wide variety of matters including divorce proceedings, paternity actions, custody disputes, valuation and distribution of assets involving large businesses, professional practices and investments, modification actions, drafting and challenging pre-nuptial agreements, injunctions for protection and domestic violence. Our Daytona Beach divorce attorneys have the experience and credentials to be your strongest advocate, no matter what the family law matter issue may be. For additional information regarding the credentials of the attorneys in the Marital and Family Law Practice Group, see the Marital and Family Law Practice Group Attorney Profiles.

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Paul E. Rice, Jr.
Managing Partner
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Marital & Family Law
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Philip J. Bonamo
Marital & Family Law
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Elizabeth C. King
Marital & Family Law
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The goal of every good divorce lawyer is a final judgment dissolving the marriage, with the least financial and emotional impact for her client. No two divorces are exactly alike as each divorcing couple presents with a different set of facts. Read More
During a consultation, prospective clients often ask if there are any advantages to being the first one to file for divorce. Many people worry that filing first will lead the judge to believe that the filing spouse is the one “destroying” the marriage. On the other hand, some people think that filing first will give them an upper hand by putting them in control of the divorce. Neither of these notions is true. The judge does not place any weight on the first to file issue because there are many reasons leading to the breakup of a marriage. The laws of Florida are applied equally to both parties, regardless of who initiated the proceedings. Read More
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