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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce describes a legal process in which divorcing spouses work with trained professionals to resolve all issues  without going to court.  In the traditional litigation model, the judge  resolves family disputes.  As an alternative, the Collaborative model  uses a team of  two attorneys, a neutral psychologist or therapist and a financial planner to facilitate a mutually beneficial outcome.   The Florida legislature has endorsed the Collaborative process  by statute as an alternative to litigation.

During a Collaborative Divorce, each party receives the advice and guidance of their own personal attorney and two neutral professionals who a customize the process to address their unique  psychological, emotional and financial issues.  The Collaborative approach  promotes goal setting and problem solving to obtain durable agreements, provide security and privacy, and maintain an atmosphere of reduced conflict  and respect between the parties.

 The Collaborative process provides the  opportunity to build trust and communication skills  and  increases the chance  a couple will successfully co-parent in the post-divorce years if they are parents.  Collaborative divorce can minimize the negative impact of divorce on children and couples may use the method to resolve a variety of disputes including post-judgment matters. 

All family law attorneys at the Rice Law Firm are trained in the Collaborative Process. We stand  at the forefront of promoting this alternative method of dispute resolution in Volusia and Flagler Counties.  Should you have questions or an interest in learning more about the Collaborative Process please call to schedule a consult.