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DUI and Gainful Employment

Law enforcement in Central Florida have recently ramped up DUI checkpoints aimed at keeping people safe during the holidays. That means it’s likely you could encounter police on your way home from an event. If you’re arrested for driving under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol, the consequences could be far-reaching. Read on to learn more about your rights and responsibilities when faced with DUI charges.

Know the Basics 

You may already know about field sobriety testing. This is when an officer conducts on-site investigations to determine whether someone is over the legal limit of blood alcohol saturation. While several devices are employed during this process (including a breathalyzer), the decision to arrest is still largely up to each officer’s discretion.

Even if you’re not convicted of DUI, simply being arrested is often enough to sully your reputation. It could also cause complications at your job, with your family, in the community, and elsewhere. That’s why it’s essential to immediately contact a reliable and trustworthy Daytona Beach criminal attorney. Don’t make any statements to police or admit even the slightest guilt until this advocate can review your charges.

Understand Your Rights

Consequences and penalties surrounding DUI vary by state, judge, and case specifics. However, there are a few common outcomes you might expect. That includes having your driver’s license suspended or revoked. In the case of a first-time suspension, the time period typically ranges from 6 months to one year. Whether your license is suspended or revoked, it’s paramount that you refrain from driving during the designated period. Failure to adhere to the set rules could result in further punishment and fines.

You may be eligible for a hardship or business purpose only license during your full suspension period. Some judges allow for provisions where you’re granted limited driving privileges. During this time, your vehicle may be equipped with special technology to determine whether you’re in a safe and acceptable physical state for driving. Operation of the vehicle is impossible when the driver is impaired. If all of this sounds frustrating or overly-complicated, it’s best to team with a Daytona lawyer who can help you navigate this confusing time.

Recognize the Potential Effects

As mentioned, penalties for DUI offenses vary based on several factors. Along with license suspension/revocation, you could lose your job.

While most employers won’t terminate you outright based on an arrest or conviction (particularly if this is your first offense), you will be required to log substantial absence from work and other duties for court dates, hearings, attorney meetings, and more. This could put your employer in an awkward or uncomfortable situation. Left with no other options, they could move forward with plans to sever the professional relationship.

Moreover, your automobile insurance rates will be affected. It’s not uncommon for those convicted of DUI to witness marked insurance increases. Plus, a DUI conviction stays on your record for many years. That could negatively affect your ability to secure future employment, loans, and similar. When it seems like the world is teaming up against you, it’s comforting to know that expert assistance is available. Volusia County lawyers well-versed in criminal law can help you make sense of this complicated proceeding.

Protect Yourself

Simply being arrested and/or accused of DUI is stressful and emotionally-trying. It’s only natural that you’ll be thinking about how your friends and family will react, the state of your future employment, and how to carry on with the same determination and drive as before. It’s wise to remember that you have an advocate who can help you make sense of this confusing moment.

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