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Divorce – A New Chapter In Your Life

LizMy clients often report that they feel one hundred per cent better after their first consult.  The road to an appointment with a divorce lawyer spans many miles. During that first visit, we discuss exactly what to expect during a divorce. That starts with a general overview of the process, the filing of the petition, service of process, the required financial disclosure, the mediation process, and the components of a good marital settlement agreement. We identify which issues, if any, should be heard by a judge. 

I encourage you to ask questions and I provide answers about the equitable distribution of the marital property, options concerning your marital home, the division of credit card and other debt, pensions and retirement accounts and your personal property. If you have children, we go cover the components of a successful parenting plan and timesharing schedule. We discuss what to expect in terms of child support.  We talk about alimony on a permanent or temporary basis and your exposure to either paying it or your chance of receiving it under current Florida law. We look for solutions to your particular problems. 
Finally, we talk about your fears, anxieties, and hopes for the future. I am committed to coaching my clients through the process, with strength and sensitivity. We laugh and we provide a shoulder when needed.  Divorce does not have to be a horrible scorched earth litigation process, but it is a major event and your attitude during the process means everything. It is my privilege to assist my clients in ushering in this new chapter of their lives.  My paralegal Kristin and I are at your service to answer  questions and provide encouragement. Please give us a call at 257-1222 to schedule an appointment. 

Posted August 4, 2015