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Category: Criminal Defense

Don’t get caught doing or saying things that could come back to haunt you. Learn how to legally protect yourself with these suggestions.
Theft is not only about the crime
Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to remove your mugshot from online display. The first step is reaching out to a reputable criminal defense attorney.
Overlooking this serious request can lead to long-lasting negative consequences. Learn how to protect yourself with this advice.
There has been much confusion and misinformation about Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. Learn the facts and how our office can assist with your claim.
The term for “white collar crime” was created in the year of 1939 during a presidential address. They are offenses that are not violent and usually deal with the financial sector. Examples of white collar crimes can range from embezzlement to bank fraud to perjury. The offenses can result in a lengthy prison sentence and a conviction can be destructive on many different levels from families to companies.
Traffic violations and DUI’s may lead to vehicle searches. If police find any illegal drugs in your vehicle, you may be charged with drug possession. This can be troublesome.
The holiday season is upon us, and during this festive time, local and state law police are out in force monitoring for DUI, with more police patrols, and with DUI Check Points. If you are stopped while driving, and it turns into a DUI Investigation, remember these important points:
In a recent ruling by a Florida appeals court, an interesting legal decision was made in regards to a search and seizure by law enforcement at a person’s home for drugs, per a search warrant. As a reminder, under both the United States and Florida Constitution, a person has the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure of their home and property, and from unreasonable governmental intrusion.
Taking the first step toward legal guidance during your criminal case can be frightening and can feel overwhelming. Daytona’s criminal defense board certified attorney, Phil Bonamo, is sharing practical information on what to expect out of your initial free consultation.