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The important distinction between wedding and engagement rings is that the engagement ring is considered a gift that occurs before the marriage whereas the wedding rings are viewed as gifts during the marriage. 
I’ve been helping divorcing spouses in Daytona Beach and Volusia and Flagler Counties in Florida for over 40 years. As I’ve gotten older so have my clients. So much so that about 10 years ago I started specializing in senior divorce, gray divorce, silver divorce, baby boomer divorce or whatever you want to call this fast growing family law sector.
police giving man a traffic ticket
The Florida Supreme Court, in a 5-1 Opinion, ruled this month that law enforcement can order a driver out of their vehicle they have pulled over for a routine traffic stop, for officer safety before conducting a vehicle sweep.

The Volusia County Bar Association is losing its long-time executive director, Kathie Selover. Kathie, pictured here next to me, is retiring on May 30th after a 20 year tenure with our local Bar association. I met Kathie through little league and other activities when our kids were young. I was president of the Bar just before […]

Florida Child Support
Florida Statutes create the guidelines for establishing the child support obligations from one parent to the other, but what happens if the obligated parent decides to quit their job to avoid the current amount of child support or child support altogether?
volusia county divorce

Our team at Rice Law Firm understands that divorce constitutes one of life’s most difficult transitions. We strive to help our clients through the twists and turns of this complex legal process while providing empathetic representation every step of the way. Are you curious what to expect in the process of preparing to dissolve your […]

Recent revisions to Florida alimony law have clarified what the courts will consider when ruling on an initial award of alimony or a petition to modify or terminate alimony based on the would-be recipient’s/recipient’s “supportive relationship.” These revisions recognize that the financial needs of the party who is seeking an award of alimony, or already has an alimony award, may be reduced when such a supportive relationship exists.
Right to withhold rent in Florida.
Often, a tenant may decide to withhold rental payments when their landlord fails to perform their duties as required under Florida law and the lease agreement. While Chapter 83, Florida Statutes, does permit tenants to withhold rent under certain circumstances, the process and procedure can be confusing and complex. Understanding Florida law and the terms of the lease is crucial for both landlords and tenants to uphold their responsibilities and protect their rights.
Partner, Philip Bonamo, was voted by his board colleagues at the May 10, 2024, meeting in Key West, Florida to be a member of The Florida Bar Board of Governor’s Executive Committee for the 2024-2025 Florida Bar Year.
Trusts are powerful estate planning tools that offer individuals flexibility, control, and peace of mind when it comes to managing their assets and providing for their loved ones. In Florida, understanding the distinctions between revocable and irrevocable trusts, as well as living and testamentary trusts, is crucial for individuals seeking to establish an effective estate plan. In this blog, we'll explore these differences, their implications under Florida law, and the unique benefits they offer.
A Florida Appeals Court ruled this month that law enforcement have no expectation of privacy while in their official roles/while on duty. As such, Florida’s 5 District Court of th Appeals (5 DCA) has now stated that in Florida the state’s long-standing law against recording th telephone calls without the permission of all parties to the call does not apply to calls with law enforcement officers.