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4 Key Considerations for Co-Parenting This Summer

Many co-parents are familiar with the questions raised by the summertime—like where your child will spend their break from school, who will care for them while you or your co-parent is at work, and many more. Now, COVID-19 is bringing even more questions to the table—but fortunately, your trusted Daytona Beach divorce lawyers are here to help you approach every obstacle ahead with the confidence and clarity you deserve.

Just read on for a few helpful tips to consider in the season ahead. 

Embrace communication, where possible

If you are already part of a functional co-parent relationship, you likely know the importance of communication in raising your child. Now more than ever, it can be helpful to take your open communication to the next level—whether it means regular check-ins on your child and their other parent as they navigate a summer without school programs or organized activities with friends; or consulting with your co-parent on local safety ordinances, school updates and other important updates to your child’s routine.

(Tip: We know that making changes to your communication routine is not always feasible for every co-parent relationship. Flexibility can be helpful for co-parents, but do not feel the need to shoulder unnecessary burdens in the name of being an open communicator. Always be sure to check with your trusted team of Daytona Beach divorce lawyers for legal assistance in crafting a plan that works for you.)

Consider your child’s safety and fulfillment

With COVID-19 in mind, you may also be facing questions about your child’s safety and other big-picture needs. From the safety of your child’s environment (does one parent work in an environment with less contact with others, for example?) to the play and socially distant outdoor fun opportunities in each co-parent’s community, none of these factors have to make or break your co-parenting plan—but they can serve as helpful conversation starters for co-parents looking to achieve a safe, balanced plan that puts their child’s best interests front and center. 

Maintain a current co-parenting plan

It is also important to stay up-to-date with local news and school reopening updates so that you and your co-parent can make informed, current decisions for your co-parenting plan. Do changes need to be made? If so, now is the time to plan ahead and make them so that you do not run into unexpected issues down the line.

Don’t chart your co-parenting course alone

With a successful co-parent relationship, you support each other as you make essential decisions on your child’s life and well-being. Now, let us support you! Your Daytona Beach divorce attorney’s work does not stop with the finalization of your divorce—rather, we can support you at every step of the family law process, from establishing a custody arrangement to helping you make changes to your co-parenting plan long into the future. Just contact us today to learn more. As always, Rice Law Firm is here for you and ready to assist during this summer, COVID-19 and beyond.

July 27th, 2020