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What Does Being a Majority Time-Sharing Parent Entail?

The process of divorce and separation is never easy and often takes the largest toll on minor children. That’s because the future of youth is inevitably altered by the decision to separate. In many cases, parenting plans make the entire ordeal seem much more complicated. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When you work with a dependable Daytona Beach divorce attorney, you benefit from a straight-forward and clear development.

One of the many considerations with which you’ll be faced is making the best time-sharing schedule choices for your children or minor dependents. Deciding on a custodial parent is part of that process. The majority time-sharing parent is the parent with whom youth reside for the majority of their time. Here’s what you need to know about being named a majority time-sharing parent:


There are two considerations of parenting plans: Time-sharing and parental responsibility. Time-sharing refers to the well-being and care of minor children, while parental responsibility surrounds making integral decisions about youth education, religious upbringing, medical care, discipline, and similar decisions.

It’s possible for one person to have both majority time-sharing and sole parental responsibility of a minor, but share parental responsibility with the other parent. In this case, both parents have a voice in where youth attend school, what kind of medical care they receive, and other decisions affecting the minor child’s life.

If all of this sounds overly-complex or confusing, it’s nice to know that Volusia County attorneys well-versed in divorce and family law are on hand to offer valuable insight and advocacy.

Child Support

In many cases, a non-majority time-sharing parent will be required to pay child support. Guidelines vary by state, and a custodial parent must file for child support before they are able to receive this assistance. In addition, changes to child support could be required depending on parental income. This is true for both parents.

Often, a parenting plan benefits all parties involved. Such plans detail household rules, scheduling, and more. A skilled and qualified divorce attorney in Daytona Beach can help you make sense of child support regulations and other considerations for the well-being and consideration of minor youth during and after your divorce.


Spending more time with your minor children is one of the main benefits of being granted as the majority time-sharing parent. Often, such parents are more involved in the details of children’s lives, including day-to-day activities such as after-school activities, homework,  and similar.

There have been misconceptions that one parent is often favored over another based on certain factors. In fact, courts take into account all information and considerations relevant to the best care and attention to your minor children. If you feel you’re being discriminated for any reason, it’s best to reach out to dependable Ormond Beach attorneys who can provide you with legal advocacy.

Becoming a Majority Time-Sharing Parent

As mentioned, parents must petition the court regarding such issues of minor children. The simple act of application doesn’t guarantee any action or decision. You may also wish to take advantage of a shared parenting ideal. Ultimately, the court will decide which decision is in the best interest of youth if the parties cannot reach a mutually-agreeable parenting plan.

That stated, there’s no reason to navigate the sometimes-confusing divorce process alone. Instead, responsible attorneys are available to help you make sense of this trying time. In fact, since 1983, we’ve assisted countless Central Florida residents with a variety of legal needs. Along with divorce and family law, we also handle business and corporate law, criminal defense, and more.  Contact us today to move forward with your divorce and parenting plan endeavors.