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The Role of Mediation in Divorce and Family Law Cases

LizMost contested divorces and other types of family law cases resolve by informal or formal mediation.   Mediation is a confidential meeting between the parties, their attorneys and a neutral third party.  During mediation the parties attempt to reduce to writing an agreement that resolves either all or part of the disputed issues.  If they reach a partial resolution, the remaining matters likely will go to the judge to decide.

Mediation goes best when the parties are fully informed of the rights and remedies available under Florida law and are prepared to compromise. Focus during the mediation should remain on the future. Where children’s issues are involved, the parties can use the opportunity to develop a customized parenting plan that works best for their particular circumstances and establish the amount of child support.  Where equitable distribution of assets is at issue, the parties may use this time to divide their personal property and dispose of the marital home. Where alimony is available, the parties may negotiate a monthly payment or decide to waive spousal support.

The skilled family law attorney is a problem solver who fully prepares the client for mediation. At Rice and Rose, our experienced attorneys will prepare you for mediation and stand by you throughout the process, from both a practical and an emotional perspective.  If we cannot reach an agreement by mediation or negotiating directly, we will take your case to trial, always with the objective of attaining your goals.  

Please call for a personal consultation on your particular family law matter. 

Posted: April 10, 2014