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The Most Common Questions About Child Support in Florida

No matter how amicable your divorce proceedings may be, there are bound to be some complications and complex decisions to be made. This is especially true when minor children are involved. You and your spouse both want what’s best for the kids, but might have different ideas on how to adequately achieve that goal.

As children grow and mature, increasing accommodations must be considered. Along with the basics, you want to ensure that your children will be well-positioned in terms of education and as they enter their early teenage years.

Thankfully, there are ways to get to the bottom line of common inquiries. That includes partnering with a trusted and reputable Daytona Beach divorce attorney who can help you find answers to your most pressing questions. Here are some of the most popular regarding child:

What Is Covered Under Child Support?

Generally speaking, child support covers normal daily expenses involved with raising a child. While some details vary by state, basic provisions include food, clothing, shelter, access to medical care, and in some cases educational needs and child care. Essentially, anything that involves basic necessities and care falls under the child support umbrella. In the state of Florida, child support is presumptively calculated using a statutory child support calculator or formula that includes aspect of the parents combined income, health insurance payments, daycare, expenses and time-sharing arrangement.

Who Is Granted Child Support?

In Florida, the spouse legally determined to be the majority time-sharing parent receives financial assistance to be used for the well-being and advancement of minor children affected by your divorce. Payment amounts are based on various factors and are determined through the child supporting guidelines formula calculator.

If you have child support questions concerning your unique situation, a good place to start is by contacting reliable attorneys in Daytona Beach, Florida who are well-versed with divorce and family law.

How is Child Support Paid?

Many times, child support payments are furnished in one of three ways: direct deposit, bank transfer, or via a state-issued debit card. Wage garnishment is another method to retrieve the required funds. If the paying parent refuses to adhere to the rules (or is otherwise unable to pay), there are many possible consequences, including a contempt of court and/or possible criminal charges.

Are Child Support Increases Possible?

A great deal of thought and research goes into determining fair and thorough child support payment determinations. However, if you feel the designated funds are insufficient, you can request additional support. You must present evidence that your incomes have substantially changed since the initial child support determination.              

When Does Child Support End?

Typically, child support ends in Florida when youth reach their 18th birthday. However, there are scenarios where support might continue beyond that time, such as a child still in high school but will graduate before reaching age 19, or a physically or emotionally dependent child past age 18. Sometimes, the parent ordered to pay child support falls short of their obligation. There are many reasons why this might occur. It’s wise to contact Ormond Beach attorneys who can help you plan your next legal steps.

Do I Have to Hire a Child Support Lawyer?

Establishing a professional relationship with an attorney remains a highly-personal decision. In the end, you must do what’s right for you and your children. That stated, when you partner with a dedicated lawyer in Daytona Beach, you gain a valuable advocate who can help you navigate the sometimes-complex nature of divorce and child support.

In fact, for more than 35 years, Rice Law Firm has helped countless Central Florida residents with a variety of legal needs. During our tenure, we’ve built a solid reputation as a dependable Daytona Beach firm. Contact us today with questions, or to set up an appointment to discuss your unique legal concerns.