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Support for Dependent Adult Children

Child support is, often, one of the most integral portions of a dissolution or paternity matter. The court is able to determine and order both temporary and permanent child support. Public policy in the State of Florida establishes that each parent has a fundamental obligation to support his or her minor child. However, what is often not common knowledge is that the law also establishes that each parent has an obligation to support his or her legally dependent child, as well. This can also extend beyond the age of eighteen (18).

However, while this is well established law, new modifications came about in 2023 within Florida Statutes surrounding support for dependent adult children. Florida Statute 61.1255 enumerates the factors required for establishing support for dependent adult children, the legislative intent behind the statute, and the powers of the court when it comes to this type of support. The new modifications add clarification to existing law while also providing procedures for establishing the support. However, the modifications also seek to safeguard any government benefits the dependent adult child is receiving or may be entitled to receive. Most notably, however, the statute allows for numerous modifications surrounding who may file actions, when or how they must be filed, dependent upon the history of a child support action, and how the amount of support for a dependent adult child is determined.

As the law continues to change, it is important to have educated and well-versed counsel to guide you. The Rice Law Firm has handled many child support determinations and modification proceedings since 1986. Contact us today at our Daytona Beach location at 386-310-2914.