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We've been helping business & corporate law clients for almost thirty years.

At Rice Law we offer sophisticated counsel to businesses. Our attorneys have owned businesses of their own and counseled businesses for over 25 years, providing cost effective legal advice and solutions in corporate law.

Whether you are starting from scratch, buying/selling a business, bringing a lawsuit, being sued, or seeking help with vendor or contractual negotiations, we can provide the knowledge and experience needed to understand your situation, while providing the most cost effective and client centered results.

At Rice Law, our first priority is client satisfaction. Our attorneys have combined experience to tackle the most complex legal issues in the most cost effective manner. Our firm has represented hundreds of businesses, partnerships and individuals throughout Florida.

Whether you are a large national client, small business, or individual, Rice Law takes each matter seriously and gives each client the time and attention necessary to provide the best legal advice. We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us through our website contact form or by calling our main office at (386) 310-2914.

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