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Parent to Parent Communication

Florida Statutes create the guidelines for establishing court ordered parenting plans.

Florida Statute 61.13 allows the Court to create parenting plans that serve the best interests of the minor child/ren. That includes the ability of the Court to impose conditions surrounding the communication of the parents regarding the minor child.

Too often. we see family law cases wherein the parents have hostile communication, or one party is particularly high conflict with the other parent. In these circumstances, the Court may impose conditions regarding the communication between the parties to keep communication civil and on a need-to-know basis. Technology has developed to give the Court a tool to implement in these cases. Two of the most popular parenting applications are Our Family Wizard and Talking Parents. The Court may impose a condition that the parties utilize these applications for communication between the parties and regarding the child. These applications are equipped to record all communications between the parties, show time-stamps of sent and read communication, and implement other features focused on keeping civility on the forefront. If you are having trouble with a high conflict co-parent, this type of provision may be for you.

While the Court is able to implement other restrictions in creating this provision, it is important to have educated and well-versed counsel to guide you. The Rice Law Firm has handled many parenting plan issues since 1986. Contact us today at our Daytona Beach location at 386-310-2914.