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Parent Communication Tools

Contemporary divorced or never married parents are expected to communicate frequently regarding the children. Even the best two households get complicated with timesharing plans, calendars, holidays, work schedules, exchanges, transportation, day care, school projects and programs and extra-curricular activities for several children.  To make matters trickier,  reimbursement for expenses like medical co-pays, dentist visits and field trips, even tax exemption schedules require a level of interaction many couples who have split up are not comfortable with. It is easy to lose track.

While texting is convenient, it can be an intrusion at inopportune moments and interactions which could be civil may devolve into disrespect. Many times a phone call isn’t sufficient in the business of child rearing.

Apps to streamline co-parenting are well worth consideration. Some new ones are on the market and several old standards: WeParent is designed to reduce conflict; CoParently allows for babysitters and grandparents to loop in to the schedule easily; Talking Parents serves as a  dedicated space to communicate, create transcripts and can be monitored by the Court or lawyers; SupportPay keeps track of payments and Our Family Wizard is a one stop for calendars, reimbursement and communication.  There are free versions and reasonable subscriptions available.

Ask an experienced family lawyer about which communication tool he or she recommends and the best methods for communicating with your ex. Call 386 257 1222 for a consultation.