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Modification of Parenting Plan

I consult on a regular and consistent basis with parents that want to try and go back to modify or change their parenting plan that usually involve aspects of requests to modify parental responsibility and timesharing of their minor child(ren).  What I am listening to and trying to determine is if the set of facts and circumstances that I am told about in these consults rise to the legal level for a modification.

What is important to know if you want to go back to court and reopen your case to try and modify or change the terms of your Parenting Plan in the state of Florida, in order to prevail on a petition for modification, the parent must prove by competent, substantial evidence both prongs of the two-part ‘substantial change’ test: there was a substantial, material and unanticipated change in circumstances since the entry of the Final Judgment and that the requested modification is in the best interest of the minor child(ren).

Our firm and family law attorneys are very experienced in this area and have handled many modifications of parenting plan cases.  If you feel that your parenting plan may need to be modified by the court, please give our office as call to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation.