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Child Support: Consequences of Non-Payment

Florida Statutes create the guidelines for establishing the child support obligations from one parent to the other, but what happens if the obligated parent doesn’t pay the ordered child support? 

Florida Statute Chapter 61 establishes the ramifications for those who fail to pay their child support obligation. Among many potential contempt sanctions is the loss, denial, or suspension of a professional license or certificate. Florida Statute 61.13015 sets out the requirements for seeking such a sanction. However, it is also clear that, prior to this sanction coming into effect, all other remedies must have been exhausted by the party seeking to enforce the obligation and proper notice must have been served. Further, there cannot be a showing that the obligor attempted, in good faith, to remedy the circumstances. The statute lays out specific instances, as well, by which this is not an allowable sanction, such as irreparable harm to the obligor or their employees. It also includes the possibility of reinstatement of a license or certificate once the child support arrearage has been remedied. 

While the Court is able to consider other factors in evaluating this sanction, it is important to have educated and well-versed counsel to guide you. The Rice Law Firm has handled many child support determinations and modification proceedings since 1986. Contact us today at our Daytona Beach location at 386-310-2914.