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“But I Need To Drive!”

PhilOne of the most important aspects of being a criminal defense attorney is to make sure that my client is aware of and understands the collateral consequences a criminal conviction can have for them. It can have a ripple effect for many reasons, and  one of the most important, for many of my clients, is the effect such can have on their privilege to drive.   

Florida, like many states, will suspend a person’s driver’s license if the person is convicted of certain types of criminal charges. The key word in this determination is ‘conviction’, which basically means that the court has adjudicated you guilty of a particular crime.The following are a few of the criminal offenses that a conviction will cause a suspension of your license by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles:

  • Possession, Sale, and/or Trafficking of a Controlled Substance (Drugs): there is a 2 year suspension, with a 6-month hardship period, and a required substance abuse evaluation requirement before re-eligibility.
  • Theft or Shoplifting: 6 month suspension for a 1st conviction, up to 1 year for a second or subsequent conviction.
  • Fleeing or Eluding a Law Enforcement Officer: minimum of 1 year suspension.
  • Racing on a Highway: 1 year suspension
  • Solicitation of Prostitution: 1 year suspension.

If you are under suspicion for committing one of the listed criminal offenses above, or any criminal offense, please give us our office a call to discuss your legal rights, and how our office can be of assistance to you.