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A Good Divorce – Is there such a thing?

2018! A brand new year to welcome! Full of new experiences! Chances are one of those experiences may be a divorce. Can divorce ever be a good thing? The answer is yes! and it largely depends on you- your attitude toward the process and toward your spouse. Divorce is a complex soup of practical, financial, emotional and sometimes spiritual matters. If you set the intention to leave the past behind, keep an open mind, fairly divide the marital assets and liabilities and understand that even with difficulties, children should have two active parents, you might just pull off a good divorce. Easier said than done? Those of us who practice family law see our clients demonstrate remarkable strength of character. Those who do are rewarded with peace of mind and a better life after the divorce, provided they maintain a positive attitude.

You have several options for divorce-collaborative team divorce, mediated agreements using a mediator, negotiated agreements between two lawyers representing the parties, an uncontested marital settlement between unrepresented parties using forms and a full trial on the issues before a judge. In short, you have options which can be tailored to your specific goals.

A cautionary word- in general, good divorces are handled by good lawyers who understand how to set and achieve reasonable goals within the bounds of state law. Folks who decide to prepare their own paperwork, do their own filings and navigate the courthouse themselves, sometimes make a mess of it and require lawyers to clean up after the dust settles. Living with a poorly-drafted parenting plan or a final judgment which divides assets incorrectly can be a nightmare. Some mistakes cannot be corrected.

If you are ready for a divorce in 2018, contact one of our qualified attorneys and schedule a consultation at the Rice Law Firm. Explore your options based on your particular goals and circumstances. Call (386) 257-1222.