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2023 Time-Sharing Reform

The Governor has signed a bill into law which creates a rebuttable presumption that equal time-sharing is in the best interest of the child, CS/HB 1301 – Parenting and Time-Sharing of Minor Children.

What does this mean?

This bill creates an automatic presumption before the court that 50/50 time-sharing is in the best interests of the child, absent an agreement between the parents otherwise. Though this presumption is rebuttable, it creates a large hurdle to those seeking or pleading for majority time-sharing in any capacity.

In order to overcome the 50/50 presumption, the party seeking to have majority time-sharing will need to show the court, by a preponderance of the evidence, that it is not in the child’s best interests to allow the parties equal time-sharing.

It is important to keep up with changes in the law that may affect you now or later. However, should change take effect, it is important to secure an advocate that understands the details and is updated as to how that change affects you.

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