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Zoning and Land Use

Zoning is a system of land use regulation exercised by local governments and is sometimes referred to as zoning planning.  Zoning regulations govern the types of activities that are acceptable on particular lots, as well as the height of buildings, and the amount of parking which must be provided; although most zoning law systems have procedures for granting variances.  Zoning regulation and zoning ordinance falls under the police power rights that the local governments may exercise over real property.

Before buying real estate property or making major improvements to property you currently own, it is essential that you know about and understand the existing zoning and land use restrictions.  At RICE & ROSE, we have extensive experience in zoning law matters. Whether you need to request a zoning variance, obtain a special use permit or present an annexation petition, we can help you.  Our knowledge of zoning law allows us to select the proper jurisdiction and venue to address your concerns, prepare all necessary government filings and paperwork and file those documents with the relevant entities.

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