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Construction Law


Construction projects typically involve the interaction of numerous individual parties and legal relationships. One of the essential keys to a successful project is the careful structuring of these legal relationships at the contracting phase. It is crucial for owners and contractors to fully understand all of their rights and obligations under the contract documents.  Because “time is money,” construction disputes and litigation can be devastating to a business or one’s personal life.  This is especially true if you are not represented by experienced counsel that understands how to effectively resolve disputes and protect your rights at trial, if necessary.

Whether you need a lawyer to draft a construction contract, negotiate contract terms, resolve disputes through mediation, represent your interests in a bidding dispute, or protect your rights in construction litigation, Rice is ready to provide the knowledgeable support and assistance you require.

RICE & ROSE represents contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, property owners, condominium associations, sureties, and design professionals in a broad spectrum of construction law matters, including:

     •  Hires
     •  Bidding procedure and issues
     •  Payment methods
     •  Contract drafting and negotiation
     •  Contract modification
     •  Liens
     •  Third party liability
     •  Litigation
     •  Remedies
     •  Mediation and arbitration

Contact Rice to discuss any construction law matter involving a public or private construction project.  The firm takes pride in its ability to support clients at all stages of project development.

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