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To File or Not To File, That Is The Question... Tue, Aug 06, 2013 In my practice of family law, I am often asked during consults by prospective clients, who have been served with divorce papers, if they need to file a written response to the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.  My first and immediate respon... Read More

What Assets Are Subject to Distribution in a Florida Divorce Action Thu, Aug 01, 2013 In dissolution of marriage (commonly referred to as divorce) cases in Florida, the concept of equitable distribution is utilized as opposed to community property when distributing assets and liabilities.  Equitable means fair not equal.  ... Read More

Second Rice & Rose Triathlon Enjoys Beautiful Conditions Fri, Jul 19, 2013 Using an old Daytona 500 NASCAR race expression, the second Rice & Rose Sprint Triathlon on July 14, 2013, enjoyed "Bill France Weather."  Pictured here are Paul Rice (wearing the Tour de France's King of the Mountains red polka dot jersey)... Read More

Florida Residential Landlord and Tenant Act Tue, Jul 09, 2013 The “Florida Residential Landlord and Tenant Act” governs the relationship between landlords and tenants when they enter into a residential rental agreement.  On June 7, 2003, Governor Scott approved CS/HB 77 which serves to change... Read More

Rice & Rose Law Firm 2013 Triathlon Series Gets Under Way Tue, Jul 02, 2013 The first Rice & Rose Sprint Triathlon was held on June 30, 2013, at Frank Rendon Park in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida.  Partner, Paul Rice, pictured here second from right, was on hand for the race and the trophy presentations. Read More

Thank You For Your DNA Mon, Jul 01, 2013 The United States Supreme Court, in last month’s decision of King v. Maryland , ruled that law enforcement has the right, and it is not a violation of the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution, to take a  swab of DNA from a person arreste... Read More

Understand What you Execute: An Overview of the Florida Power of Attorney Mon, Jun 24, 2013 A Power of Attorney is a powerful legal document which delegates authority from one individual to another.  Specifically, the maker of the power of attorney, also known as the “principal,” grants the right to act on their behalf to ... Read More

Guardianships In The State Of Florida Mon, Jun 24, 2013 If a resident of the State of Florida becomes incapacitated and no Power of Attorney or Trust has been set up, it becomes necessary to set up a guardianship.  A guardianship is a legal proceeding in the circuit courts of Florida in which a gua... Read More

A New Tool For Condos and HOAS Thu, Jun 20, 2013 The days of a community association (condo, hoa or cooperative) waiting years for a bank to foreclose so that the association can once again begin to receive much needed due and owing assessments is now history (for the most part).  On June 7, ... Read More

Is a Medical or Other Professional Practice a Marital Asset and, if so, How is it Valued and Distributed in a Florida Divorce? Mon, Jun 17, 2013 The Florida Supreme Court ruled in 1991 that if a husband's law practice had monetary value over and above the value of its tangible assets, separate and distinct from the reputation of the husband, then the practice had "good will," and the good w... Read More

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