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Minimizing the Financial Impact of Divorce

Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 2:50PM

Minimizing the Financial Impact of Divorce

Breaking up a marriage means that legal fees will be subtracted, savings and checking accounts will be cut in half, equity in the marital home will be divided and all retirement accounts will be divided.

Couples find themselves starting over, financially as well as emotionally.  Changes in tax laws will mean that starting next year, spouses paying alimony will not be able to claim a deduction, meaning alimony will be more expensive after December 31, 2018. Giving up your retirement nest egg is another painful blow.   Our job as divorce lawyers is to minimize the financial damage of divorce.   We use certified financial analysts as well as business valuation experts and vocational specialists to provide additional information during the pendency of the case as needed. We assist in gathering and organizing the required financial information the court will require.

Most couples will be venturing into unknown territory financially after the divorce. We can offer some suggestions  An experienced divorce lawyer is the key to heading in the right direction and getting back on your feet. Call to schedule a consultation with us today at 386-257-1222.


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