Condominium & Homeowners Association
Condominium & Homeowners Association
Because it’s your home it matters the most.

Since joining the Rice Law Firm, attorney Matthew Shapiro has represented numerous condominiums, homeowners’ associations, unit owners, and homeowners regarding a variety of legal matters arising under the Condominium Act, the Homeowners’ Association Act, or an association’s governing documents.

Cooperative living has many advantages as owners relinquish some of their individual rights in order to reduce costs, enjoy greater amenities, and ensure that a certain uniform standard of living is respected. At the same time, this contract between neighbors can often lead to conflict whether it is an owner who refuses to abide by certain rules, or an association board that is failing to uphold its fiduciary duties.

At the Rice Law Firm we are advocates dedicated to promptly resolving conflicts impacting one’s quality of life. Attorney Matthew Shapiro concentrates on Association Law and has personally represented clients through mediation, arbitration, trial and appeal.

Below are just some of the matters that the Rice Law Firm has settled for its clients:

  • Noise Issues
  • Foreclosures
  • Election Abuse/Annual Meeting Assistance
  • Improper Rule Enforcement
  • Selective Rule Enforcement
  • Purchase and Sale of Condo Units
  • Disputes with the Association/Other Residents
  • Late Fees and Assessments
  • Improper Special Assessments
  • Damage Caused by Residents and/or Guests
  • Theft
  • Damage to Vehicles
  • Parking Issues
  • Pet Issues

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Matthew Shapiro
Matthew Shapiro
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